Machine vision based industry and storage facility automation

Bin picking, quality check, machine loading, palletizing

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New star on the sky of machine automation

Up-to-date solution that takes advantage of the most cutting-edge technologies, algorithms, and instruments.
Increase the productivity of your factory or storage facility and cut the costs with GrabMax!

  • Bin picking

    Automatic bin unloading

    • Packing efficiency of nearly 100%
    • For picking well-organized and randomly arranged items
    • For objects of different size and shape
    • Smart collision avoidance, automatic rearrangement of objects inside the bin
    • Recognition of objects, smart relocation
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  • Quality check

    Automatic quality check

    • High reliability that results from the 3D point cloud and CAD model comparison
    • Automatic removal of defective objects from the production process
    • Items can be categorized based on their quality
    • Transparent error reports that are easy to administer
    • Result that is more precise than anything human eyes can generate
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  • Machine tending

    Automatic machine loading

    • Balanced and continuous feeding of more machines at the same time
    • Decrease of human labor demand and risk of accident
    • Optimization of machine utilization, increase in production speed
    • Precise and safe route planning
    • The robot always detects the removable and loadable items, no need for fixed positions
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  • (De)Palletizing

    Automatic palletizing

    • For palletizing and depalletizing of chests, packages, barrels or boxes
    • Suitable for several pallet standards
    • Selection and relocation of the items on the pallet
    • Collision and damage avoidance
    • Improving cycle time by the enhancement of the continuity of material flow
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Bin picking robot Bin picking robot GrabMax Ensenso N35 high definition 3D camera GrabMax Intel L515 standard 3D camera

A success story that can happen anywhere

Bin picking esettanulmány videó
“We were looking for a solution that could handle the heavy elements safely and efficiently, in order to create a more ergonomic system while speeding up the workflow.”

Gábor Magyar, Manufacturing automation team leader, BPW

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  • Economical

    In addition to decreasing costs, the system ensures increase in productivity by minimizing the costs of human workforce with less demand for space. The easy adjustment and cost-efficient operation guarantee a remarkably fast return on investment.

  • Flexible

    The system can be used for various tasks, even for more at the same time. By choosing automation, the competitiveness and flexibility of your company on the market will increase significantly.

  • Safe

    It reduces the possibility of human errors and accidents. The robust design ensures a long product lifespan, and the intelligence of the system prevents objects from collisions and damage.

  • Efficient

    Our system works at a nearly 100% efficiency. It accomplishes the given tasks even under the most difficult circumstances by operating 24/7/365 non-stop, thus the production processes become more predictable and optimizable.

How it works

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  • Laser scanner

    Wenglor laser scanner

    The instrument we use projects a laser beam onto the objects that need to be removed. The integrated sensor is able to create a height profile with micron-level accuracy by using the angles of the reflected beams.

  • Standard 3D camera

    Intel L515 standard 3D camera

    The camera we use measures the distance between the instrument and the objects in the bin by taking advantage of the LiDAR technology

  • High-definition 3D camera

    Ensenso N35 high definition 3D camera

    Thanks to the 2 integrated CMOS sensors, we can take pictures of an object from 2 different positions. These two are compared by an algorithm that joins the relevant points together and thus generates a model of the area analyzed.


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